What’s your favorite Morrigan moment?


how to improve in art:

  • get unhealthily obsessed with something
  • draw it 43543452784 times

5 minute morrigan sketch


5 minute morrigan sketch

The irony…


Favorite Screencaps of


Cowls make a lot of things cooler…even Morrigan.

Little Morrigan spaz watching Dracula last night

Even though she is Blond here, I always thought that Katie Mcgrath as Morgana from Merlin looked like a good Morrigan.


So of course, when she said Alistair last night I freaked out a little bit.

What I want is…. unimportant now…


Can we appreciate the fact, that Morrigan, the woman who has always been out for herself and all “survival of the fittest” has finally found something more important than her?

If this was the Morrigan that we had met at the beginning of DA:O, she would have done whatever she wanted, as long as it benefited her and her survival.

Now we can assume what she wants here, everything she thought she would never want, and it just makes it more heartbreaking that the one act of goodness she performs appears to be sacrificing the only source that has brought her happiness.

We can speculate on what she is planning, but if it’s to help the greater good, I lift my hat to you Morrigan.

What greater love than to sacrifice your own happiness for your friends and your family?

This is why the Warden/Morrigan story is beautiful, yet tragic.

Everything you want to know, or post about our favorite Witch of the Wilds.

Dragon Age Origins: Morrigan

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